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The world is fast paced. Audiences are short on time but still expect brands to make the effort to talk to them clearly, and as individuals. As a result, it's more important than ever that your content is impactful, engaging and drives positive action.

A Trusted Partner

We think our agency is pretty special, but we know that we can’t be amazing at everything. So, in some areas (like copywriting) we partner with others who are specialists. This gives us incredible flexibility as a company and also ensures that our clients get the very best results every time. Nicki is our copywriting partner. She has a wealth of cross-sector experience and her ability to blend strategic and creative thinking makes her a perfect fit here at Pre.

Meet Nicki

We tell ourselves stories everyday. They can make sense of where we’ve been, and they can take us to whole new worlds. I write creative copy that inspires and engages using proven techniques which draw on storytelling and positive psychology. My experience spans the worlds of publishing, direct marketing, training and development, consultancy and journalism. I’ve worked client-side and agency-side, in-house and as a freelancer. I am delighted to add to my story by becoming one of the stand out team at Pre.

“Nicki has done great work with us at Microsoft, handling CSR, sales, marketing and HR briefs. From a personal perspective, as I navigated the move from a technical role in the company to the role I have now, Nicki gave me great guidance and insight. She is one of the most effective and intuitive storytellers I have worked with.”

Steve Clayton, chief storyteller, Microsoft.

Areas of Expertise

Technology / HR/ Charities & NFPs / Retail / Comms / Finance / Health & Wellbeing

Client Testimonials

“Nicki has a great gift for capturing the essence of people, businesses and ideas. She’s the sort of free thinker that organisations and people who want to set the pace need on their side.”

Katie Ledger, presenter on BBC’s flagship technology programme CLICK & communications coach

“We saw a 25% increase in partner satisfaction scores after launching the ‘Succeeding Together’ book Nicki researched and wrote for us.”

Karl Noakes, director of partner sales, Microsoft UK

“Nicki’s stories really captured how our people live our values. We used this book as part of our induction programme to give people a flavour of what it is like to work at Waterstone’s. It worked brilliantly.”

David Ashley, head of learning and development, Waterstone’s

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