Malibu coconut rum is owned by drinks giant Pernod Ricard with an established position in the UK.

Branding / Print Design


Help us Keep Focus

Malibu has no problem with brand recognition in the UK. Their challenge is the increasing number of competitors. Malibu wanted to focus more on their established female market and encourage them to have the ‘Best Summer Ever’. As well as limited edition bottle designs, we were asked to help communicate this new positioning to their internal teams.


Speak the Audience’s Language

We helped Malibu educate their UK sales teams about the target audience. We created faux-magazines and presentations that looked like materials that their audience are drawn to. Ensuring that the mindset of fashion and style conscious women in their 20s remained front of mind. We then worked with various talented illustrators to produce Malibu limited edition bottle designs.


A Fantastic Response

The bold and striking packaging design and bottles positioned Malibu neatly with their audience. It also created a buzz and on-shelf stand-out. Above all, the bottles were an immediate success. So much so that Pre were then asked to create matching limited edition glasses and jugs for promotional events.


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