Loyal Candles

Loyal Candles is a new company, founded in 2018 that specialises in hand-made, scented soy wax candles. Their products are personal and individual with every one made, poured and packaged by hand.

Branding / Website / Packaging


Create a Quality Experience

As a completely new start-up, Loyal approached Pre with nothing more than their name. They wanted a brand, website and packaging design pieces that clearly positioned them at the luxury end of the market. Although it was important that they appeared professional, the hand-made and bespoke quality of the candles was paramount.


Quality and Care. Always

Vital to the success of any company is how their brand is perceived by their customers. This was especially true for Loyal as their amazing scents and fragrances can’t be communicated via print or online, they have to be experienced. It was therefor essential that every part of the customer’s experience of Loyal had a premium feel – from logo design, marketing materials, website design and packaging.


Premium Positioning

The new brand created for Loyal Candles clearly positions them within their target market. The strong and understated design brings confidence and quality to their offering and runs through everything they do – from the choice and creation of their fragrances and handmade process – right through to the website and customer service. Visit their website here >