The Foyer Federation

Since 1992, the Foyer Federation have been helping young people develop the skills and resources they need to transform their circumstances and thrive.

Print Design


Give us Impact

The Foyer Federation’s marketing materials and educational resources are often delivered indirectly via a wide range of partner organisations and charities, as well as direct to their customers. The Foyer Federation asked us to help develop their visual communications strategy to help their organisation to stand out, to ensure maximum impact and return on investment for their marketing budget.


Clear. Strong. Flexible.

We’ve done a lot of design for charities so we soon recognised that the key to helping The Foyer Federation maximise impact was to create a clear and recognisable set of campaign identities which could be used across a wide variety of media. Over the past couple of years we’ve produced a range of resources, materials, guides and brochures for The Foyer Federation. Each has a unique, distinct identity whilst maintaining the key elements and cues that clearly mark it as a Foyer product.


Better Recognition

Following our work on several publications aimed at different audiences, The Foyer Federation ended up with a strong look and feel to their materials that retained individuality yet clearly felt part of a set. Something that The Federation could take ownership of and build on going forward.