Insurance Brochure Designs for CaSE

Insurance Brochure Designs

We’re proud to say we’ve been working with CaSE for nearly 10 years now. Over the last few years since their launch we’ve worked on everything from insurance brochure designs, leaflets, reports, event stands, marketing promotions, websites and more.

We rebranded CaSE last year and have since been helping them reposition their communications materials to reflect their new look and position. The latest of these items is the new and expanding range of brochures – each highlighting one of their specialist services and areas of expertise. Each needed their own visual distinction while still being consistent with the overall brand and house style. The first three of the set have now been produced with plans to expand the range in the coming future.


You can find out more about our work for CaSE by visiting our portfolio section >


If you’re a charity that needs insurance, they are incredibly knowledgable and helpful. Visit their website >