Litter Campaign for Mole Valley

campaign design

Littering in Mole Valley had started to have an impact on the local area and was becoming a concern within local communities. Mole Valley approached pre to help them create a campaign design to help combat the anti-social behaviour.

Aside from simple awareness, the aims of the campaign were to deter litterers from doing it again, make the communities feel that the issue was being dealt with and to empower people to do something about. pre created a variety of print media and campaign items that focussed on the fines that could be issued for littering. We wanted the solution to be a strong and bold message that communicated that littering was not acceptable and there are financial consequences that come with it – appealing to both emotional and financial sides of people’s nature. The designs were rolled out to door drops, bus stops, posters and social media. Mole Valley also created their own microsite using the campaign assets which you can see here >

The results of the campaign have been incredibly positive so far with firmer details to come soon as the results are formally measured.