Surrey Charity Impact Report Design

Community Foundation for Surrey is an independent charitable trust established to inspire local giving for local needs. They work with donors who want to give something back to local communities and voluntary groups who provide vital services for local people and disadvantaged individuals.


This month saw the release of 2 new publications for them, created by Pre. First was a report outlining the outcomes of a RAISE fund and the other was their Impact Report (pictured).


A significant percentage of the charity’s funding comes from wealthy, results-driven individuals. It was therefore vital that the charity demonstrate the tangible results that come from their work and spending. Pre worked with the client to ensure that we produced an Impact Report that focused on tangible figures and clearly demonstrated results. By doing this we helped produce a report that showed existing and potential donors that funds are spent effectively and result in tangible differences – making future donations more likely.


You can find out more about the Foundation’s great work by visiting their website here >